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Ms Svitlana Kondovych

 Modeling of topological structures in ferro-materials
for application in high-frequency Terahertz devices
The realization of efficient terahertz (THz) radiation sources and detectors is one of the important objectives of modern applied physics. THz emitters and detectors have potential applications in biology, medicine, security and non-destructive in-depth imaging. The unique position of the THz frequency range beyond the reach of conventional electronics and photonics attracts a broad range of approaches to bridge the THz gap which are based on completely different physical principles.

One of such possibilities is to use the ferroelectric materials that are directly suitable for tuning of the real part of the permittivity with an electric field. Structuring ferroelectric materials into arrays of sub-wavelength regular domain structures provides the opportunity to influence the effective resonant response of such a metamaterial by means of an electric field and/or substrate-provided strain. Integration of these materials into the active multiferroic magneto-electro-elastic environment can enhance the tuning facilities even more.

The objective of my research project is to design and model tunable 2D and 3D micro- and nano-structures and textures in ferro-materials, including domain-patterned films and superlattices,
 and to analyze the dynamical properties of these structures in the THz spectral range.

Laboratory of Condensed Matter Physics, 
University of Picardie Jules Verne, 
33 rue St. Leu, Amiens, France, 80039