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Ms Maryam Hajji

Integration  of THz cavities with a polaritonic THz emitter:

This project is about the integration of  THz cavities with a polaritonic THz laser. In order to achieve this we  need to integrate the  grown and characterized samples  with the cavities for THz radiation.  We also need to work on strong coupling regime of exciton – photon   interaction  to efficiently obtain, THz radiation. It can be accomplished  through the design and fabrication of a  micro-cavity  and by exploring the effect of  electric and magnetic  field  and angular dependency for tuning  exciton-photon interaction which helps to transfer the polariton spectra from the weak to strong  coupling  regime which, in turn, leads to enhanced the THz radiation output.


Hajji, M., Hammler, J., Zeze, D., Balocco, C. and Gallant, A.J., 2017. Field imaging near to the surface of terahertz reflective optics using a vector network analyzer. Applied optics56(31), pp.8746-8750.

Conference papers:

Hajji, M.,Pan.Y,  Hammler, J., Zeze, D., Balocco, C. & Gallant, A. J. (2016), Microfabrication of SU-8 Fresnel lenses for THz imaging, Terahertz, RF, Millimeter, and Submillimeter-Wave Technology and Applications IX. San Francisco, California, United States, SPIE.

Hajji, M., Zeze, D., Balocco, C. & Gallant, A. J. (2016), Artificial Microstructured Dielectric layers for Terahertz applicationsIEEE Conference Proceedings, International Conference on Infrared, millimetre and terahertz waves IRMMW-THz. Copenhagen,Denmark. 

t: maryam.hajji@durham.ac.uk