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Dr Stephane Poss

Former high energy physicist, specialized in distributed computing and simulation software, I joined Alpes Lasers to contribute to the efforts on the QCL design optimization.

Since I started, I contributed to a series of internal projects to Alpes Lasers:
  - implementation of a core software framework: project management and release, configuration system, logging service
  - wrapper around Alpes Lasers' in-house simulation software to allow running it on Amazon EC2 within the DIRAC distributed computing solution (http://diracgrid.org/),
  - analysis of additional simulation packages, e.g IPKISS, nextnano, etc.
  - contribution to the design optimization: device characterization through simulation
  - general software debugging and support
  - Design and implementation of several utilities: gelpak logistics, inventory, etc.

I am also the DIRAC contact person within Alpes Lasers.

Previously, I did my PhD in Particle Physics, where I worked within the LHCb experiment (at CERN, Geneva). I was responsible for the implementation of several analyses, one of which lead to the observation of the first B candidate by LHCb in 2010 (unfortunately after I left the experiment). After my PhD I went to CERN where I was responsible for the implementation of a distributed computing solution for the future linear collider. During that time, I became an expert in the Python programming language. My solution is now the standard in the collaboration.

My expertise is into the following:
  - LaTex (both paper writing and presentations with beamer)
  - Python
  - C++
  - Version control systems (SVN and GIT)
  - Software design
  - Database access with SQLAlchemy (Python module around SQL)
  - Web service development and deployment
  - Service management (supervisor)
  - Any software related issue is my daily bread...