Europe 2013

Plans for the next Early European Literature optional trip to Europe are underway. Tentative dates are June 10-June 26, 2013. Students will travel to 6 countries and 10 major European cities. Check out my tour web site here. If you are interested in traveling with us and did not attend the student meeting or the parent meeting, please stop by Mrs. Roder's Room (2815) and pick up travel information. You can also call me (998-0544 ext 2165) or e-mail me @  If you are interested but did not take Early European Literature this year, you can still enroll on the tour; just be sure to register for the class next year.
You can enroll for the trip on-line or by completing the enrollment form and mailing it (along with a $95.00 enrollment fee) to EF using the envelope provided in the application form.  If you choose you can also enroll on-line by clicking the link to my web site above.  You do not need to sign up for the optional tours at this time. Unlike the the program fees, prices for the optional excursions may change by departure date. 
Save $100.00 by enrolling by May 6, 2012

Trevi Fountain in Rome