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Seniors with Privileges:  Twins game on Wednesday

Final day on Friday!  Congratulations!

This web site has been designed as a resource for students and parents.  Current lesson plans are listed below. Please click on the tabs above for past lesson plans and more class specific information. It is a work in progress and assignments are subject to change.3

Lesson Plans

May 23 - 27

Seniors with privileges: Make up work due Tuesday!
Everyone else: Final day for make up work Friday, May 27 or grade will stay a zero!

World Drama

Mon: Quiz: Ch. 19-22; Course evaluations.  
Tues: Yearbook distribution
Wed: Seniors at Twins game
Thurs: Socratic Seminar Ch. 23-25
Fri: Socratic Seminar Make up & extra-credit
English 10

RPS; Finish study guides; "Revisiting Sacred Ground" due Wednesday
Tues: Printed Sci-Fi Short Story Analysis due at BEGINNING of class; TEST: sci-fi short story:
Wed: Quiz and discussion  "Sacred Ground" Begin comic strip. Plot diagram due tomorrow
Thurs: Vocab due:  Continue Comic Strip 
Fri: Vocab 13 Quiz: Extra Credit RPS option; continue comic strip.

Mon:  Fishbowl Discussion
Tues: Google Classroom "Ender's Lesson Plan"  HW Finish Ch. 14 p. 273-304
Wed: Vocab: RPS; work on presentation
Thurs: Vocab due:
Fri: Vocab Quiz with Extra Credit option
Honors English 10

Mon: Discuss Ch. 27-35; HW: Ch. 36-41 p. 257-311
Tues: Reading and discussion Prep.
Wed: Discuss Ch. 36-41; HW: Ch.43-47, p.312-371
Thurs: Reading & Discussion Prep
Fri: Discuss CH. 43-47; HW: Finish Book
Myths and Legends
Mon: Mind Map Ch. 7; HW read Book 4: The Departing of Arthur 
Tues: Review Book 4; Test Thursday
Wed: Introduce "Design a Deity Project
Thurs: Mind Maps due; Test Books 3 & 4; Work on Deity project
Fri: Deity project

Study Hall
Tues: Social
Thurs: Science 

School Sponsored

Students are responsible for any work assigned during while gone. 
 No late work or extensions on essays, quizzes or tests. 
See Otter Handbook for