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This web site has been designed as a resource for students and parents.  Current lesson plans are listed below. Please click on the tabs above for past lesson plans and more class specific information. It is a work in progress and assignments are subject to change

Lesson Plans

Nov. 28-Dec. 2

Honors English 10

Mon: Vocab 5: CTS; Finish JC notes; Begin Act I Julius Caesar HW: No Red Ink 
Tues: English Study Hall:  All make up work due 
Wed: Vocab Syn/Ant:Finish Act I; HW: No Red Ink; 
Thurs: HW: No Red Ink; Quiz: Julius Caesar Act I. 
Fri: Vocab-CRW; Determine Leadership traits; Introduce research document; Quiz Act I-Monday.

Myths and Legends
Mon: Quiz: Rouse's The Odyssey Ch. 21-23.  
Tues: English Study Hall:  All make up work due 
Wed: Watch The Odyssey Odysseus' retakes Ithaca.
Thurs: MC Test: The Odyssey  Begin "The Adventures of Aeneas"
Fri: Essay test: The Odyssey; Continue "The Adventures of Aeneas" 

 STEM 10
Mon: Vocab Unit 5; Read: "Sweet Potato Pie" p.239 & SG; HW: No Red Ink  #1
Tues: Diagram pkt: Revised goals due; Read "Getting a Job"  & SG HW Cont. NoRedInk #1 
Wed: Notes:Complex sentences; Adv. clauses; Lit: "On Summer" p. 857 & SG  HW: No Red Ink#2
Thurs: Diagram pkt; Adv. Clauses: WS: Start Author Study: John Steinbeck p. 918 & "The Flood" p.923 
Fri: Adv. clauses: sentence pkt; Review Photo Essay: Grapes of Wrath HW: No Red Ink #3

Mon:Late Lunch Kick of Logo & Slogan competition; Resubmit goals. 
Tues: Early Lunch Announce groups; determine roles and goals
Wed: Late Lunch Media Center continue design work-
Thurs: Early MC: Design work
Fri:  Late MC: Design work

College Writing 
Mon: Topic due on shared document; Notes on Ch. 18 and proposal Template
Tues: Study hall: research & print articles
Wed: Continue Work on Proposal; Focus controlling question
Thurs: Proposal; Focus annotated works cited
Fri: Proposal; Focus: Thesis statement/proposition

Study Hall
Tues: English
Thurs: Social

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 No late work or extensions on essays, quizzes or tests. 
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