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This web site has been designed as a resource for students and parents.  Current lesson plans are listed below. Please click on the tabs above for past lesson plans and more class specific information. It is a work in progress and assignments are subject to change

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Lesson Plans

April 24-28
Honors English: 8:20-9:10
Mon: 1000 Suns: Lit. Circle Discussion (LCD)  p. 37-61; HW: p.62-104
Tues: Vocab Quiz: 12;  WST: Topic 21; NoRedInk Verb Tense & Worksheets for Thurs.
Wed: 1000 Suns LCD p. 62-104; HW: 107-136
Thurs: Correct WS: Study Hall
Fri: Quiz: Part 1: LCD p 107-136; HW p. 137-172

STEM 11: 9:15-10:05
Mon: Draft of A Knight's Tale Due; Peer Edit. Due Wednesday
Tues: Intro: Vocab 10 due next Monday.Speak: Ch. 16 "Developing & Delivering Group Presentation" p. 257-268.
Wed: A Knight's Tale Due; Discussion & Preparation: Discussion Speech
Thurs: Research & Prep 
Fri: Vocab: RPS; Research & Prep.

 STEM 10: 10:10-11:00
Mon: RPS Vocab 12; Sci-fi Fairy Tale due at the end of the day.
Tues: Vocab 12 due; Read: "In Search of Summer"  Begin Sci-Fi Worksheet
Wed: Read: "By the Waters of Babylon" Sci-Fi Worksheet
Thurs: Kahoot! Study Hall
Fri: : Quiz: Vocab 12; Read: "There Will Come Soft Rains"  Sci-Fi Worksheet

World Drama 12:25-1:20
Mon: Ghosts Act II; 
Tues: Ghosts: Act III
Wed:  Ghosts Act III Continue w/ Character relationships
Thurs: Study Hall/Review
Fri:  Test on Ghosts

College Writing 2: Writing About Literature 1:25-2:20
Mon: Watch video on Hemingway: Discuss "A Cat in the Rain" 
Tues: Review Slideshow: Analyzing Short Story: Homework: "The Storm" p.65 & "Desiree's Baby" p.69
& Journal Entry
Wed: Discussion "The Storm" & Desiree's Baby" Homework: "A & P" p. 78 and "The Rumor" p.83
Thurs: Study Hall
Fri:  Discussion: "A & P" and "The Rumor"  "A Rose for Emily" p. 287 Journal 
Myths and Legends  2:25-3:20
Mon: Homer & Aeneas due; Work on Archetypes: Heroes B/4 Trojan War and Trojan War Archetypes due Friday.  If they are not submitted, your grade for the class will be F; Also work on Archetypes for Odysseus and Aeneas (Due next Monday)
Tues: Quiz: Aeneas:  Begin Norse Mythology
Wed: Norse Mythology: 
Thurs: Study Hall; those who have yet to submit Heroes before and of the Trojan War Archetypes will need to work on these.
Fri:  Videos on Norse Mythology;  Trojan War Archetypes due;  Odysseus and Aeneas Archetypes due Monday.

Study Hall
Tues: Math
Thurs: English

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