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Lesson Plans September 17-21

Honors English 8:20-9:10

Mon: "Leap" journal due by start of class; Read "Fish Cheeks" p. 184 and RAFT due Wed.

Tues: In class journal write overcoming a personal challenge; Read "Getting a Job" p. 411

Wed: "Fish Cheeks Raft" due; In class journal: Describe your sacred place. Read "Revisiting Sacred Ground" hand-out

Thurs: English study hall

Fri: Introduce Author Discussion activity

Myths and Legends : 9:15-10:05 & 2:20-3:20

Mon: Hand out Mythology books: Introduce Depicting a Deity project; assign deity

Tues: Work on deity project

Wed: Deity's due by end of day.

Thur: English Study Hall

Fri: Present deity posters

STEM 10: 10:10-11:00

Mon: Introduce Vocab Unit 1; Read STEM Jobs magazine and fill out WS

Tues: Discuss STEM Jobs; Introduce STEM career research project

Wed: Research and review guidelines for Slideshow.

Thur: English study hall

Fri: Flextime Friday

STEM 11: 12:30-1:20

Mon: Vocab Unit 1; Edit and revise cover letters; address envelopes

Tues: Resume and cover letters due beginning of class; Read Speak Ch. 1 p. 3-7

Wed: Notes & review; Read pages 7-11 Speak

Thur: Review ch 1; Read ch. 2 p. 17-24

Fri: Flextime Friday

College Writing I: 1:25-2:20

Mon: Review thesis statements, intros and conclusion; Review for quiz; Read Ch. 10 for Wed.

Tues: Quiz: Chapter 1-2; Review Ch. 3

Wed: Introduce descriptive essay; writing workshop--descriptive language

Thur: English Study Hall;

Fri: Share descriptive writing; Descriptive essay prewriting due Monday. Read Ch. 5 for Tues.

Study Hall

Tues: Math

Thurs: English


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