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This web site has been designed as a resource for students and parents.  Current lesson plans are listed below. Please click on the tabs above for past lesson plans and more class specific information. It is a work in progress and assignments are subject to change

Lesson Plans

September 25-29

Myths & Legends: Periods 1 8:20-9:10 & 6: 1:25-2:20
Mon: Deity Project presentations
Tues: Finish Deity Presentations & Test review; Hand-out SG: Heroes B/4 Trojan War
Wed: TEST: Gods & Goddesses: "Perseus" p.196-207
Thurs: Quiz and Discussion on "Perseus"  HW: "Theseus" p.208-223
Fri: Q & D on "Theseus"  HW: "Hercules" p. 224-244

Honors English 10: 12:30-1:20
Mon: Vocab 2:  CRW;  Introduce personal narrative-Notes & Pre-writing packet 
Tues: Grammar:  LN 2.5 and worksheet; continue Personal Narrative
Wed: Vocab 2: syn/ant; Personal Narrative Pre-writing; due Thursday.
Thurs: Per. Nar. Pre-writing due; Test: Ch. 2 LN
Fri:  Vocab: CTS; draft essay

STEM 11: 9:15-10:05
Also see stem.fergusotters.org
Mon: Speak Ch. 3; due study guide.
Tues: Introduce Unusual Object Speak  ch. 7 SG in Speak p. 85-88
Wed: Work on Outline of Unusual Object Speech; Goals & Thesis; Cont. Ch. 7 SG p. 89-95
Thurs: Work on Body of Speech; due end of day.
Fri:  Flextime Friday
STEM 10: 10:10-11:00
Also see stem.fergusotters.org
Mon: Introduce Vocab 2; Grammar: 2.4 and 2.5 and Work Sheet (WS)
Tues: WS due; review and practice prep. phrases
Wed: Grammar Review
Thurs: Test: CH. 2
Fri:  Flextime Friday

STEM 12: 11:05-11:55
Also see stem.fergusotters.org
Mon: Revising classification essay
Tues: Final draft due; Review Capitalization Rules
Wed: Capitalization review and/or Comma Rules review & WS
Thurs: Quiz: Commas and Capitalization: C- grade
Fri:  Flextime Friday

Study Hall
Tues: Social
Thurs: Science

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