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This web site has been designed as a resource for students and parents.  Current lesson plans are listed below. Please click on the tabs above for past lesson plans and more class specific information. It is a work in progress and assignments are subject to change.

Lesson Plans May 11 - 15

Myths and Legends

Mon: Work on Mind-Map: HW: Chapter 2 "Adventures of Galahad" p. 241 & Ch.3 "Adventures of Percivale" p. 247 & Mind-maps

Tues: Study Hall;

Wed: Quiz: Ch. 2& 3; Mind maps; HW: Ch. 4 "Adventures of Sir Bors" p. 256

Thurs: Quiz: "Sir Bors"; Mind Maps; HW Ch. 5 "Adventures of Sir Launcelot" p. p.264

Friday: Quiz: "Launcelot"; Mind Maps' HW "How Lancelot & Gawain Came to Carbonek" p. 274

English 10

Mon: Peer edit Combined essay;

Tues: Study Hall; revise essay

Wed: Argumentative Essay due; Begin Night p. 1-26

Thurs: Pronoun pkt Correct Pronoun pkt. correct p. 129; assign 139; Night: Learning Log--Google Classroom

Fri: Pronoun pkt Correct 139; Reading Day Night p. 127-143

Honors English 10

Mon: Tragic Hero Essay due. Correct Verb pkt. p.167-168, HW: p. 169-171; Begin A Thousand Splendid Suns Start on Part I is Optional; "Laila" p. 107-157;

Tues: Study Hall

Wed: Correct Verb pkt p.169-171,HW p. Ex A p. 89-90; Quiz: "Laila" & Back ground notes

Thurs: Correct Verb pkt Ex A HW Ex B p.90; Set up Lit. Circles: Reading Day: Finish this section for Monday.

Fri: Verb pkt Correct ex B; Grammar Grand Prix; HW: Questions for Lit Circles.

College Writing II

Mon: Printed Revision #2 due; Peer Proofreading; Final draft due Wednesday; Journals due
Tues: Study Hall
Wed: Essay due; Introduce Song/Poetry Project
Thurs: Song/Poetry Project
Fri: Song/Poetry Project

Study Hall

Tues: English
Thurs: Science

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Students are responsible for any work assigned during while gone. 
 No late work or extensions on essays, quizzes or tests. 
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