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This web site has been designed as a resource for students and parents.  Current lesson plans are listed below. Please click on the tabs above for past lesson plans and more class specific information. It is a work in progress and assignments are subject to change.

Sno-Ball Activities 
Monday:  Hawaiian Day; Otter Update 12:50, Coronation at 1:30
Tuesday:  What was Cool in Grade School; Wednesday:  Woodstock Wednesday
Thursday: Baller vs. Scholar; Friday: Gray on Gray 

Lesson Plans

February 1-5

World Drama

Mon: Q & D  on assigned reading
Tues: Oedipus the King 211-251
Wed: Discussion 
Thurs: Work on Plot diagram
Fri:  Discussion:  Test on Monday

English 10
Mon:  Finish The Last Days; work on journals; 6th hour no class
Tues: 2nd: Vocab RPS finish journals for The Last Nigh; 6th hour finish The Last Days
Wed: Begin Night Study Guide introduction and Ch. 1
Thurs: Vocab 8 due; Chapters 2-3
Fri: Quiz: Vocab 8 Reading day; 6th no class; quiz Monday

Mon: Finish sentence packet
Tues: Vocab RPS; sentence practice
Wed: No Red Ink practice
Thurs: Vocab 6 due; finish no red ink
Fri: Quiz: Vocab 6 and part 1 sentence test.

Honors English 10
Mon: Literary essay diagram; due tomorrow @ end of day
Tues: Essay diagram @ 4:00; Sentence review 
Wed:  Sentence test review; work on diagrams
Thurs: Sentence test
Fri:  Draft essay; printed rough draft due Monday

Myths and Legends
Mon: Finish and turn creation stories; Otter Update 12:50; 
Tues: View Creation Stories
Wed: View Creation Stories
Thurs:  Finish Viewing Creation stories 
Fri: Guidelines for ICE on Monday.

Study Hall
Tues: Science   
Thurs: Math
School Sponsored

Students are responsible for any work assigned during while gone. 
 No late work or extensions on essays, quizzes or tests. 
See Otter Handbook for