Dr. Test graduated from Yale University in 1982 with a B.S. in Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry. He received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology from Indiana University in 1989. His doctoral dissertation earned him the Esther L. Kinlsey award for the outstanding dissertation presented to the Graduate School at Indiana University in 1989.


PhD, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Indiana University, 1989 

BS, Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry, Yale University, 1982


  • ENS 22: Integrative Seminar
  • BIO 25: Internship in Biology
  • BIO 26: Intro to Rsrch in Biolgcl Sci
  • BIO 32: Research in Biology
  • ENS 37: Rsrch in Envrnmntl Sci I
  • ENS 35: Rsrch Mthds for Eclgcl Fld Std
  • ENS 42: Wildlife Ecology
  • BIO 25: Internship in Biology
  • BIO 32: Research in Biology
  • ENS 37: Rsrch in Envrnmntl Sci I
  • ENS 42: Wildlife Ecology
  • Pace University January 1, 2010 - Presidents Award
  • Accounting Society May 10, 2009 - Series 7 
    General Securities Representative Examination


  • Wall Street Journal [Newspaper] March 23, 2010 
    Quoted on lack of ethics in business
  • Channel 2 News [TV] February 08, 2009 
    Interview with Barbara Walters on Pace University Superstart


  • National Institutes of Health [Vice President] 
    The National Institutes of Health (NIH), a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is the nation’s medical research agency—making important medical discoveries that improve health and save lives.


  • My Fair Lady [Theatre - Write play] 
    River City Group, Pace University, New York, NY
  • My Fair Man [Theatre - Design scenery] 
    River City Group, Pace University, New York, NY


  • Westchester Library Liaison Committee [Attendee, Meeting] 
    Desc: Working in conjunction with the newly formed Faculty Library Liaison Committee are three task forces comprised of librarians from each Pace campus, plus members of the Educational Media Department. The task forces will address pressing issues of collection development in the following areas: serials/electronic access, print material, and non-print and multimedia resources. 
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: 10,000 titles have been transferred from the Hayes Library Collection in White Plains (officially closed in May, 1995) to the Mortola Library Reference and circulating collections, and the Graduate Center Library Reference Collection.


  • Sustainability Committee [Committee Member] 
    Desc: To discuss energy & Water, recycling & waste reduction, trasportation, purchasing, and green building & landscaping. 
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Over 800 incandescent light bulbs at the student apartments at 106 Fulton Street were exchanged for CFL bulbs which cut the energy costs by a third.


  • University Committee [Committee Member] 
    Desc: To discuss improving functions within University to improve student experience. 
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Improving the student center space.


  • National Association of Environmental Professionals [Member] 
    Desc: To generate interest in NAEP 36th Annual Conference. 
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Gathered more sponsors for NAEP 36th Annual conference.


  • National Association for Environmental Management [Committee Chair] 
    Desc: NAEM is a professional association that empowers corporate leaders to advance environmental stewardship, create safe and healthy workplaces, and promote global sustainability. 
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: NAEM welcomed more than 500 EHS and Sustainability leaders this year to the 18th Annual EHS Management Forum.