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Fenwick School has an enrolment scheme as under direction from the Ministry of Education. The zone has clearly defined boundaries and students within this area have an absolute right to enrol at Fenwick school.

Out of zone pupils can apply for enrolment and will be accepted in a priority order and/or ballot. Please note, proof of permanent residency for all new pupils is required at enrolment e.g. telephone or power account showing your address within the zone.

Zoned Area:
North: The railway line from Humber Street to the overhead bridge at Weston Road.
East: The coastline from Humber Street to Bushy Beach Road.
South: The coastline from Bushy Beach Road to Beach Road. The coastline parallel to Beach Road to the intersection of Beach Road and Awamoa Road.
West: Along Awamoa Road to the intersection with Stonewall Road. A straight line to Maudes Road. Along Maudes Road to the intersection with Weston Road.
Northwest along Weston Road to the overhead bridge.

For further details of the scheme and a map of the Fenwick Zone, please see the school office.
Office mail,
Jan 25, 2017, 2:23 PM