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School Improvement Plan 2013-2014



Clarkrange High School



Fentress County

Analysis of last year’s final results:

Areas of Greatest Progress:

Areas of Greatest Challenge:

(1)    Graduation Rate (93.8%)

(2)    Economically Disadvantaged (narrowed the gap in Math (Algebra 1 & Algebra 2) from 19.9% to13.7 % and English from 33.0% to 30.6%)


(1)       ACT Scores (ACT Benchmarks were met only in English.)

(2)       Economically Disadvantaged (gap-Algebra I 13.4%, English II 37.9%)

(3)       Algebra I EOC Proficient/Advanced

        (dropped 50.7% to 42.5%)

(4)       English II EOC Proficiency/Advanced (dropped from 61.8% to 57.9%)

Source of Progress:

Source of Challenge:

(1)             Early graduation is made possible for those in danger of dropping out due to family financial responsibilities. Compass Learning is used for credit recovery to help keep students on track for graduation.  It is also used to aid transfer students in correcting identified deficiencies due to differing curriculum.   Adult high school is available for those who have fallen behind in their credits.  It keeps students in school by allowing them to earn more credits at a faster pace.  It also allows a teen parent to continue his/her education.   Plant the Seed Program was implemented to encourage the value of continuing education.  Home visits are made to check on any arising situations.  They are used to organize and coordinate financial support from local churches and philanthropic groups.  Counseling is used to maintain close family and interpersonal relationships.

(2), (3)     The Math department works collaboratively to plan activities.  Also, data is analyzed to find areas of need for the incoming freshman.  Team teaching within the inclusion class addresses specific needs in an integrated environment, provides support for the regular classroom teacher, encourages the use of new delivery systems for special education programs that emphasize collaboration between teachers, and all students are learning in the same environment even though needs and goals may differ.  Free tutoring is also available before and after school and during the one hour lunch.  CHS is blessed to be a school with a wide variety of technology available to be used with students.  There are two open computer labs and a mobile laptop lab available for completion of class projects, research, ACT practice online, and the use of various software programs such as Word, Excel and Power Point.  All classrooms are equipped with a teacher laptop station, Smart Board, and projector.  Many teachers use their Smart Board for bell-ringer activities which incorporate writing skills into their classrooms on a weekly basis.  Accelerated Math allowed us to identify a student’s current level of proficiency so he/she could be advanced to the expected level.  Students were given practice on objectives and could only test when proficiency was demonstrated.  Mastered objectives were reviewed throughout the new lessons to ensure retention of knowledge. 

(1)   CHS scores are below state averages on the math and science.  We believe that more professional development is required for teachers to fully understand how to reach the ACT benchmark standards.  Teachers need to also be trained to use all the College Board test information from the Explore and the Plan to better place students for academic assistance. 

(2)   The gap between the economically disadvantaged and the non-economically disadvantaged is significant.  The teachers at Clarkrange High School attend in-service on improving teaching methods through differentiated instruction.  We must place more importance on instruction and materials and technology for all students to be more successful.

(3)   The Algebra I Proficient/ Advanced (42.5% ) was below the state of 60.6%.  It is important to ensure a strong foundation of the basic math and algebra skills.  The math department attended multiple trainings to help with the transition to the Common Core and these methods are being used to increase the rigor and improve EOC scores.

(3)              The English II Proficient/ Advanced (57.9%) were below the state average of 59.5%.    The English department attended multiple trainings to help with the transition to the Common Core and these methods are being used to increase the rigor and improve existing EOC scores.

Goals for this school year:

Overall Achievement Goals:  (Aligned to First to the Top Goals)

(1)   Improve ACT composite score of 18.8 in 2012- 2013 by 1 point (19.8) in 2013-2014

(2)   Increase proficient/advanced percentages in Algebra I from 42.5% in 2012-2013 to 46.1% in 2013-2014 and English II from 57.9% to 60.5%.

Subgroup Goals: (List each subgroup individually)

(3)   Narrow the achievement gap for the economically disadvantaged in math from 13.7% in 2012-2013 to 12.5% in 2013-2014 and narrow the gap in English II from 30.6% in 2012-2013 to 27.5% in 2013-2014

Other Required Goal Areas:

(1)     Improve graduation rate from 93.8% to 94.0%.

(2)   Increase Algebra 1  scores from 50.7% to 53.8%

(3)   Continue to test a minimum of 95% of our students

(4)   Continue to meet or exceed state attendance rate of 93%

Plan for this school year:

Key strategies to achieve goals:

(1)    Remediation (Intervention)

(2)    Weekly after school ACT tutoring as requested

(3)   Quality Core by ACT

(4)   Benchmark Exams

Key strategies to achieve progress for students with the greatest need:

(5)  Accelerated Math for remediation and enrichment (or Data Driven Instruction)

(6)  Tutoring-before and after school for core courses

(7)  Renaissance Program to reward academic achievement and attendance


(8)  Field Trips to provide cultural experiences not readily available in this area (studies show that exposure to cultural diversity improves vocabulary, thus improving test scores)

Projected costs and funding sources for key strategies:

(1), (2) and (4) No additional cost; (3) The school district pays; (5) purchased with Perkins (CTE) federal funds for the Contextual Algebra and Contextual Geometry classrooms; (6) Teachers paid with extended contract money; (7) Funded by local businesses; (8) Funds are raised by individual groups

Benchmarks  for Progress



(1)                 Lunch Remediation  (This remediation

Math, Chemistry, Foreign Language (Mondays & Wednesdays)

English, Social Studies, Biology (Tuesdays & Thursdays)

(2)                The purpose of this tutoring is to allow students the opportunity to bring in problem areas and have one on one tutoring with a volunteer mathematics major in our community.  Any student who wants to improve his/her math score may attend any or all provided sessions.

Every Wednesday afternoon from 3-4 pm

(3)                Quality Core


(4)                Benchmark Exams help us to recognize students deficiencies and recommend remediation.

Given every 4 1/2 weeks

(5)                Accelerated Math allows us to identify a student’s current level of proficiency so he/she can be advanced to the expected level.  Students are given practice on objectives and can only test when proficiency is demonstrated.  Mastered objectives will be reviewed throughout the new lessons to ensure retention of knowledge. 

Daily or as required to meet objectives

(6)                All core subjects offer free tutoring by certified personnel

Math:  Tuesday-Thursday 7:30-7:55 am and Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 3-4 pm

Science:  Monday-Thursday

3-4 pm

English:  Monday-Wednesday 7:15-7:55 am

(7)                The goal of the Clarkrange Renaissance is to encourage students to (a) achieve better grades, (b) improve attendance, (c) improve behavior, (d) assist the school in becoming a better learning facility, and (e) promote and instill the value of pride, self-confidence, self-worth and that everyone can achieve.  It is the intent for those students who need improvement to see the value and importance of education.  In turn, students will be motivated to perform better in school.  We want to create a culture that recognizes excellence. 

Semi-annual celebration with rewards throughout each semester

(8)                The Art and Music departments also orchestrate a combined art show and choral concert for cultural enrichment.  Connection to cultural experience and personal relevance is known to enhance student motivation and learning. Acknowledgment and valuing of learners’ cultural experience is also considered an important aspect of creating relationships that lead to learning. (Elements Comprising the Colorado Literacy Framework:  V. Cultural Experience and Personal Relevance)

Periodic trips as time and funds allow


Each April