Mrs. Eshleman

Welcome to my website!
The 2015-2016 school year marks my sixth year at Fenton High School!  I currently teach in a self-contained program called the Learning Achievement Program (LAP), which is within the special education department.  To learn more about the program, see the tab labeled "Learning Achievement Program" at the top of this page.  In LAP this year, I will be teaching Social Psychology, Algebra Part 1, and Algebra Part 2.I will also be team-teaching two sections of Algebra & Trigonometry.

Class Schedule 2015-2016
 Period  Class  Room
 1  Social Psychology SC 214
 2  Math SC214
BT Bison Time214
 3 TT Algebra & Trigonometry 1208
 4 Lunch214
 5 Math SC214
 6 TT Algebra & Trigonometry1208
 7 Prep 
 8 Prep