Emma! The Musical - Audition Information

Each student auditioning should choose a song before the auditions, the song choices are below in Audition Materials. You may choose to come with a prepared side, in that case find a partner or partners whom you will be reading with. If you do not have a partner that is fine, we will assign you someone at the auditions.

Thursday Callbacks

Audition Material will emailed, Callbacks will begin at 3:30 in the Auditorium

Ashley: Isabella Wielga/Joy Bullis/Kathryn Radziwonski - Turn the Beat Around (Ashley) - Sides TBD

Miss Bates: Hannah Ceaser/Rina Focht - Chapel of Love (Bates) - Sides TBD

Miss Taylor: Ann Sofineti/Sadie Kosmach/Kathryn Radziwonski - Chapel of Love (Taylor) - Sides TBD

Martin - Matt Santore/Sergio Velazquez (No Music) -
Sides TBD
Sides (Available in Audition Materials) - the Female-Male listed with sides are suggestions, but any part can be read by any student:

A. 1 Female, 1 Male
B. 3 Female
C. 1 Female,  1 Male
D. 2 Female, 1 Male
E. 2 Female
F. 1 Female, 1 Male
G. 2 Female, 1 Male