Why One to One?

The district is excited expand its mission "to educate and inspire" our students with the implementation of our one-to-one initiative.  Below are our goals tailored to the mission itself.
to educate

    21st Century learning is advancing at a rapid rate and the utilization of technology is ubiquitous to our every day lives.  Learning is no longer confined in the classroom.  Online resources and applications are available to enhance the learning processes and overlooking these resources would be a disservice to our students and our community.  Learning abilities vary and having technology available, such as Chromebooks, will allow students to learn in ways that best suite them.  Likewise, teachers will have the ability to accommodate the learning needs of students like never before.
    At Fenton, we want to ensure that every student is provided with opportunities to excel.  The technology we are providing will ensure equity in accessibility to learning resources for all of our students.   
to inspire

    Over the years, both students and teachers have inspired one another in the various educational and extracurricular activities at Fenton High School.  Our one-to-one program will add another layer of inspiration.  The endless possibilities of what teachers and students can do to enhance their creativity is inspiration in itself.  Students will be able to produce and reproduce what they have learned in innovative ways.  Teachers will be able to provide students with advanced interactive approaches to learning.  With unlimited resources, students will be inspired to go above and beyond the learning approaches that they are traditionally accustomed to.