Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have internet connection at home?

      There are many public places that offer free WiFi.  The Chromebooks are enabled so that you can connect to
          other internet hot spots.  Most public libraries and select coffee shops offer free WiFi.
          Your family may be eligible to subscribe to a $9.95+tax internet service at home.  This service is offered by
          Comcast Internet Essentials.  For more information, please visit this link: Internet Essentials by Comcast.

Can I keep my Google account after I graduate?

Your Google account will be deleted by August of the next school year.  No worries, we can save all of your
 documents.  See the next question to learn more.

I don't want to lose my Google data after I graduate, what do I have to do to
 keep all of my files?

There are several methods of transferring your school Google account data to a personal Google account.  
Before transferring your school data, be sure to create a personal Google account.  For bulk transfers, you
can download your data by using Google Takeout.

If you simply want to transfer specific files and folders from your Google Drive, it may be easier to share those
files and folders with your new account.  After sharing, it is important that you create your own copies of the
files and folders.  When the school account is deleted, the shared files will also be deleted.

For Gmail contacts, you can export your contacts in a Google CSV format so that it can be imported into
your other account easily.

If you need assistance, please visit the ChromeZone.

Are my emails being monitored?

We have a state-of-the-art filtering system for all emails that are being distributed using the school accounts.  
Words and phrases are analyzed by a program to make sure that emails are being used appropriately.  
Emails containing profane language will not be sent to the desired recipient--instead, that email is sent to an
administrator in charge.

We also have an image detection program.  This means that images deemed to be pornographic will also be
redirected to an administrator in charge.

Fenton's Gmail accounts should be used for educational purposes only.

Who is responsible for caring for the Chromebooks?

While the District reserves the right to all of the Chromebooks, students are ultimately responsible for the care
 of the device while it is in their possession.  Please visit the Procedures and Policies page for more details or
you can visit the Caring for my Chromebook page.

Is there a place I can go to for any Chromebook related questions and issues?

The ChromeZone is our central location for any Chromebook related questions or issues.  It is located in the

The ChromeZone will provide services before and after school, during lunch periods and during class if a pass is provided.

How much do Chromebooks cost?

Estimated Costs (subject to change)

The following are estimated costs of Chromebook parts and replacement:

  • Replacement...............$300

  • Screen..........................$75

  • Keyboard/touchpad .....$25

  • Power cord...................$15

  • Memory SSD.................$40

Is there a way that I can get insurance for my Chromebook in case it breaks?

It is highly recommended that families get insurance for the Chromebooks.  Please visit the Parents Info page
for information about Worth Ave Group Insurance.

How do I log in to my Chromebook?

The information is located under Chromebook 101 under How to use.  Please click on the link and visit the page
for log in information.

Can anyone log in to my Chromebook?

The Chromebooks are set to allow only those with Fenton accounts to log in.  Any other Google accounts will be

What if I forget my Chromebook at home?

Please go directly to the ChromeZone before classes begin to check out a loaner.  Keep in mind that there are
consequences for forgetting your device at home.  Please visit the Procedures and Policies page for more
information on the disciplinary implications.

What if my Chromebook is not charged when I get to school?

Please go directly to the ChromeZone before classes begin to check out a loaner.  Keep in mind that there are 
consequences for not having a fully charged Chromebook.  Please visit the Procedures and Policies page for more 
information on the disciplinary implications.

Some websites, like Facebook, is blocked at school.  Will I be able to access 
these websites at home?

Websites that are blocked at school will also be blocked at home if you are using the Chromebook.