Mrs.K's English Classes Go Deeper

BIRTHRIGHT  FUN  LOVING PLAYFUL  FREEDom to Make CHOICES GENEROUS Create Community   Make it Real   Trust  Take Care of Ourselves  Make Our Own Rules Live By Our Words  Walk the Talk  New Way to Do School

Booktalk Checklist

____ Why did you choose this book? Explain a little bit about your reading life.  What kind of books do you read?  When do you read?  How do you like to enter a story?

____ Was this book like any book you ever read? Explain your response to us, and read a brief excerpt to prove your point.

_____ Can you/Were you able to predict the ending?  Why or why not?  Read a passage to support your response.

____ Recommend this book: what sort of person might like this book?

_____ Would you read a different book by this author?  Why or why not?

____ Why did the author write this book?  Find two credible sources.  Then choose one good quote to from an interview or article to share with the class.


How are YOU doing? Is our class a place where you:

  • feel empowered

  • have fun

  • be playful

  • have freedom to make choices

How am I doing? Most days, am I:

  • loving

  • be strong and dependable

  • playful

  • encouraging

  • happy

How are we doing? On a scale of 1-5, is our class :

  • collaborative

  • courteous

  • supportive

  • trustworthy

  • self-reliant