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5th Grade Reading

One Eyed Cat Quiz


Common Core "I Can" Learning Goals for Reading Comprehension:

Reading Skills and Strategies:
  • Make predictions while reading a story.
  • Identify the theme of a story.
  • Identify the key elements of a story.
  • Cite evidence from a story to support my assertion.

Oh, the Places You'll Go Read Aloud-Setting goals for the year.

Elements of a story- Enjoy this video to remember: 

Lesson on using the title of a poem to make predictions:
Read Aloud: Wonder by R.J. Polacio

Purpose: Study Major Elements of a story, figurative language, note taking.

Wonder Assessment

Narrative Writing Practice
On-Demand Narrative Assessment


Out Side the Box Book Project: 

Learning Showcase Presentations: December 3rd and 4th

Reverse Poetry Examples

Scholastic News Online


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