Liens - Links

Great website to create your own comics with the use of your French language learned.
Lots of fun!

This is a free app and and online planner for students to keep track of their assignments. Check it out if you think it might help you with your
assignments.  Useful app for next school year to use if you use
technology on a regular basis. Mme Leroux

Languages Learning Online

Here you choose the topic you want to learn about, you learn the vocabulary and phrases, you play and then you can test yourself if you want.

Choose a topic, learn it and then play games!

This website seems to be slow with all of the video content, but should work fine if you are working at home.

Learn vocabulary and play games!

French vocabulary topics to practice
Here you will find 35 different topics to choose from and practice with either with online interactive activities or with print ones.

Radio-Canada: Espace musique
click on the right where it says "Ecoutez la radio" to listen to live radio.

Listen to the French numbers
Numbers to practice in writing
    This is a French website.  First, you'll have to enter your name or pretend name and then they
    are asking you to type in letters the given numbers in French.

Juste pour s'amuser (Just for fun)
Can you name the French-speaking countries where more than 10% speak fluent French?
Euro bills puzzles
    Here you are to put back together the bills that a parrot ripped.
Euro coin matching game
    Match the European coin to it's country.

Le Francais Interactif

    there is a zoo in the middle of Paris.  Here is their website for you to explore!

Signing Savvy - ASL (sign language)

Summer camps/classes/immersions, etc.

    in Montreal, 13-17 yrs old.

    Closer to home, in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. Students only.

    can be pricey, but is local (VT.), grades 8-12.

    Family stay is a wonderful experience. Paris or Nice are options here. Good
    program.  Students and adults.

Visiting Montreal?
Here is a site with a list of events going on around town and a list of restaurants as well.