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6ieme annee

Here is a link to online games to learn French for beginners.  Try it and have fun!

Lien pour le video sur Nunavut, mais c'est en anglais.  On en discute apres en francais.

I am looking forward to welcoming you back in class or meeting you for the first time in French class.  During our first class, you will be given a binder to keep your material in and bring with you along with a pencil at every class.  Your first assignment will be to print this welcoming sheet (2 sided or on 2 papers) and put it in the front part of your binder.  We'll read it together in class and sign it together once your bring it back the next day.
    Mme Leroux

Canada map

Cultural Trivia information about CANADA

CANADA trivia 1

Spelling city vocabulary words from our last story.
remember the username and password is satecfrench.

Here is an example of how you could make your cartoon.
It is a Toontastic story by a child from Canada.  Cute!
See the written story below the video.

Zela, Je voudrais dire quelque chose.   (Zela, I would like to say something)
Est-ce que vous pouvez secouer cette feuille (de papier).   (Can you shake this sheet?)
Ca va te faire une surprise! 
Ah! Comment t'as fait?
Ta feuille...en fait c'etait un chien. 
Tu as entendu le "ah ah"
Ah! Merci!


Le livre


Cameron et le chat perdu
Class story: La fille et la vache

Isabelle Leroux,
Nov 5, 2012, 6:02 AM