Bonjour. C'est le mois de mars!

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Le mois du printemps (spring)!

Le printemps arrive le 20 mars... Youppi!  La neige va disparaitre et l'eau d'erable va commencer a couler pour faire du bon sirop d'erable.

Il fait soleil enfin! C'est le mois du printemps!

Vous avez conge le 23 mars. C'est une journee pour que les professeurs rencontrent vos parents. Qu'est-ce que vous allez faire pendant cette journee?

Mme Leroux

Allons-y magazine (gr.6-8)
Here is a link to use that lets you watch, listen to or do things to help you practice your French. 
To connect the first time, you will need to click on "se connecter" and enter your email address and the code that is at the bottom left of your magazine Allons-y! Then you will have access to everything including possible penpals.

Here is the link to a video about a giant pigeon's feather destroying the city of Paris. This was the final project of students studying in Paris. Enjoy and see if you can name the different places you see in the video!

This is a free app and and online planner for students to keep track of their assignments. Check it out if you think it might help you with your
assignments.  Useful app for next school year to use if you use
technology on a regular basis. Mme Leroux

French Dictionary Common Work file

This is a French & English dictionary we have created for our French class.  Any French students from 3rd to 8th grade class is welcome to add any words that we have studied together to this document. Just click on the title above for access to the link. 

Let's make sure that we add only words that we are studying together and not words from an actual dictionnary.  We want this to represent our SATEC French classes and help students with what they should know.

Feel free to correct any mistakes you may see or add anything missing to the document. Most of all, have fun working on this and be proud to be adding to a school document that will be used by future students coming to our French class.

Merci beaucoup pour votre aide!
Mme Leroux