St. Albans City School is a warmhearted place with 800 PreK-8 students and 150 staff members. A dozen clusters of 50-60 students are each guided by four or more teachers in "learning communities". In these learning groups, healthy relationships are established over several years in an effort to support students while they work at mastering social and academic skills.

Our Vision

Saint Albans City School is committed to:

Serving our children and their families by preparing students to be stewards of themselves, our school, our community and our environment, and providing a supportive, collaborative, technology-rich environment where students are engaged in academics, balanced with leadership, self-awareness, creativity, design, and innovation.

Our Mission
The Mission of St. Albans City School is to develop learners who are:
  • SAFE in our building and society,
  • ACHIEVING in the real world,
  • CARING for each other, while
  • SUPPORTING all members of our school community.

This website shares our journey as we strive towards making this mission our reality.