Our District

Maple Run Unified School District was created when Fairfield, St. Albans City and St. Albans Town voted, in March of 2016, to unify the three elementary schools and Bellow Free Academy/NWTC. At that same town meeting, voters elected ten Board members to the Unified District Board. Over the next year that Board of Directors will work to create district policies, create a transportation plan, develop a budget, negotiate bargaining units for employment contracts and prepare for taking over the schools on July 1, 2017, when their terms of office begin. During this first year the current School Boards will run the schools as they have for years.

Maple Run Board Members

MICHAEL L’ESPERANCE                 One Year Term – 2018
MICHAEL MALONE                          Two Year Term – 2019
NILDA GONNELLA FRENCH            One Year Term – 2018
DENISE SMITH                                 One Year Term – 2018
JAMES C. FARR, Chair                    Two Year Term – 2019
AL COREY                                       Three Year Term – 2020
STEVEN LAROSA                            One Year Term – 2018
NINA HUNSICKER                           Two Year Term – 2019
JACK MCCARTHY                           Three Year Term – 2020
MARTHA CASAVANT RIES              Three Year Term - 2020

Articles of Agreement