Our Schools

The Schools that make up the Maple Run Unified District are as diverse as they are similar. All have a deep rooted commitment to our youth and their education. All are eager for technology that will compliment education. All are dedicated to teaching all children, and will not tolerate hazing, harassment or bullying - or disrespect of any kind - in their buildings. It is in the atmosphere and ways of teaching where one will see the diversity. City School uses everything around them as an opportunity for learning, and have many acres of land that expands their classrooms. Town Educational Center provides a more structured environment. Fairfield provides the classic small town feel, and with smaller classes has more opportunity for one-on-one time. Early Ed has children in all of the schools as well as some partnering locations, eventually feeding to the three elementary schools. Bellow Free Academy/ Northwest Technical Center is the receiving school of all of the elementary buildings. One of the most important things about this unification will be ensuring that all of our students enter high school at the same level. This, in itself, will raise our education levels. 

At Bellows Free Academy all students learn respect, dependability, and productivity. With academic and social supports, students learn to be effective problem solvers, active community members, and lifelong learners.

Northwest Tech Center
The mission on the Northwest Technical Center is to educate today’s learners by providing comprehensive career and technical education programs that enhance career awareness, promote lifelong learning, and develop skills to be responsible, productive citizens for today and tomorrow.

Fairfield Center School
Mission Statement: To all individuals, the Fairfield  School Community will provide a safe environment and the opportunities to develop the skills necessary to become independent thinkers, lifelong learners, and responsible citizens.                   

St. Albans City School
The mission of Saint Albans City School is to develop learners who are:

SAFE in our building and society
ACHIEVING in the real world
CARING for each other, while
SUPPORTING all members of our school community

St. Albans Town Educational Center
SATEC is a place where all students and staff can be successful academically, socially, and emotionally in a positive, caring and safe environment that respects individuality and promotes collaboration.