A BIG Thank you to RISE VT for our prizes and their support during our contest!!!
                                                                                    Check them out online!                                     

Despite some grumbling you did amazing work and should commend yourselves!!!

If your percent loss shows a zero, you may have weighed exactly the same as the week before, or not weighed in at all and I've carried the last weight forward. I do try to get late weighers entered asap. A negative result is a weight gain. 


2016 Weight Loss Challenge

An fcsu email went out with the sign-up form attached on December 26.
The facts : 
  • Teams of 4   (teams of 4 have proven to work best)
  • Feel free to include a friend or family member!
  • $5 per person  (reduced so as not to be prohibitive)
  • Initial Weigh-In, January 13
  • Lasts 8 weeks
  • Weigh-Out, March 9
  • Each team must choose a team leader
  • Team Leaders will receive communications, share updates with team mates, make sure the team is weighing in and bring concerns forward
  • Come here for weekly results and announcements