Wanna join the wellness team?? Contact me and be part of the solution. 

Minutes and Agendas can be found at the bottom of the page

Peg Jehle     Leader SACS jehlep@fcsuvt.org 
Lisa Sutton Leader SATEC lsutton@fcsuvt.org
Lynn Bouchard  Leader NWTC lbouchard@fcsuvt.org 
Vaughn Mays     Leader  Fairfield vmmays@fcsuvt.org 
 TBD Leader CPSC@fcsuvt.org 
Germaine Cross Champion All Locations gcross@fcsuvt.org
Brianne King           Leader FCSU gcross@fcsuvt.org 
Edee McArtor     Leader BFA EMcArtor@fcsuvt.org 

Other generous contributors

Ed "Rusty" Branon SACS
Kevin Leahy     SATEC
Adam Parent      CPSC
Shawn LeFebrve BFA
Beth Hayford         CPSC

About the FCSU Wellness Committee: 

The Wellness Committee was originally formed at the behest of VEHI's Health Promotion board and PATH (Planned Action Toward Health.) VEHI, the Vermont School Boards Insurance Trust's health promotion board, not only served as a guide to building school wellness programs but provided funding for that programming. 

We do not currently receive funding dollars from VEHI. 

Now, an FCSU Wellness Program that is self-sustaining has become ever more important. Please help us help you. 

Our mission remains...to increase the health and well-being of all staff, and to create a culture where wellness is always included in planning and development. 

Wellness Committee contributions past & present: 

Grant monies for hands free sinks, water-fountains, and much more. 

The CPSC executive memberships. 

The weight loss challenge and Path to adventure. 
FCSU wallyball and softball. 

Joint wellness events with the Northwest Medical Center.