Summer Work:  July 11 - July 14, 2011

Location:  Hideaway BFA - 8:30-2:30

Goal from 2010-2011 Retreat

Goal:  To develop a common FCSU outcome-based teacher supervision & evaluation system and related SU and school-based implementation plans.  The system will:

·      Focus on learning outcomes for students and adults

·      Be self-directed (each person responsible for understanding and articulating strengths and weaknesses using evidence)

·      Address individual and collective professionalism (based on membership in a professional learning community)

Our charge is to address both teacher AND principal evaluation.  We’ll begin with teacher because it is our intent that the principal system should mirror the teacher system.

Goal 1: Supervision and Evaluation

Goals:  Review and revise Supervision and Evaluation System for full implementation in 2011-2012.

Create a prototype for including learner voice.

Each Supervision and Evaluation System will:
  • Include every teacher, every year
  • Be self-directed
  • Include learner voice

Goal 2: SU Reporting System

Goals:  Craft a plan for the creation of an SU Reporting System.

The SU Reporting System will include:
  • Self-reflection:  such as a collection of artifacts
  • Common Local Assessments:  assessment of individual student performance against grade level benchmarks
  • Formative Assessment:  assessment of individual student growth toward learning outcomes
  • Digital/Electronic Collection of Evidence



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FCSU Supervision and Evaluation System