Curriculum Update

Posted 12/13/11

Reading Curriculum Committee Meeting

Date:  12/8/11

Time and Location: 3:30-5:00pm - Central Office

The following changes have been made:
        1st grade - No Feb. assessment
        K - September  K can be info gotten at screening --just enter it in by Sept.
        All - Informational text - Prior to administration, give students the book and let them preview it by reading the headings and captions.  Tell the students not to read the captions aloud when you time them.
        2nd grade - Fall F&P give literary assessment (assessment calendars have been updated)
        1st grade - If all the K items have been mastered you only need to give first grade items in first grade. 

FCSU Comprehension Assessments
You can expect changes to be made to the following grades:
Grade 2 Nov. - Replace "All Aboard" with a new passage.
Grade 4 Nov. - Replace "A Delight - Rose Petal Bread" with a new passage.
Grade 7 Nov. - Replace "The Speckled Band" with a new passage.
Grade 8 Nov. - Replace "The Village Blacksmith" with a new passage.

For most of the above, folks felt the passages were dated and did not provide students with a rich enough or understandable text in order to glean useful comprehension information.  This work will happen over the summer and will be ready for implementation in the Fall of 2012.  Discussion was also had about the decision to use assessment tasks and passages from the current year of instruction versus the previous year.  Stef explained that this assessment is given in Nov. and should assess progress on current skill/strategy outcomes.  It is not expected that students will "master" these pieces in November.  However, it is important to assess the current instructional year outcomes and students' acquisition of those skills to determine their level of understanding, monitor progress, adjust instruction and to be most useful in comparison of this data when the second FCSU Comprehension Assessment is given in the Spring.

From 9/19/11
In June, the reading curriculum committee finished crafting the reading curriculum.  This is an outcomes-based curriculum that aligns to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  SATEC and FFCS building principals have one PDF copy of the K-8 curriculum.  The reading curriculum may also be found in VCAT.

Throughout the 2011-2012 school year, FCSU teachers will be implementing this curriculum and the common local assessments.  The reading committee will meet on 12/8 (3:30-5:00), 4/12 (3:30-5:00) and 6/20/12-6/22/12 (as needed) to review feedback on the curriculum and assessments.  You may submit feedback directly on this site or through your school committee representative (Deb Bushey, Mary Marshall, Beth Jacobs, Gretchen Maskell, Linda Smith, or Denise Bedard-Comstock).

Additionally, CVEDC is sponsoring professional development opportunities focused on the ELA Common Core State Standards to support us as we make this transition.  Each day is $50 a person and includes lunch.  Please email Stefanie if you'd like to attend any or all of these professional development opportunities.

November 2:  Focus on Writing Instruction and Assessment  (8:30-3:30 Hampton Inn, Colchester)

December 6:  Focus on Reading & Listening Instruction and Assessment (8:30-3:30 Hampton Inn, Colchester)

January 9:  Focus on Research across Content Areas:  Literacy Expectations & The Common Core (8:30-3:30 Hampton Inn, Colchester)