Mr. Plimpton


Click on the appropriate class in the side menu, then look for your class period and click the link. The link will provide you with the class daily agenda complete with classwork, homework assignments, due dates, links and more.

Students - Check powerschool for missing assignments. Also, check the daily agenda for daily activities and links to notes, readings, worksheets, etc. Finally, students should be reminded about the importance of turning in assignments in a timely fashion.

Parents - Please check powerschool as it will be updated frequently.


When a student hands in an assignment, There will be a checkmark for collected. If a student has not turned in the assignment, they will be marked as late until the assignment is turned in, which will then receive a green checkmark for collected. The late marks will remain.

ALL assignments will be assessed formatively and used as "practice", working towards demonstrating understanding of the concepts presented. Assessments will be scored and included in their final grade pertaining to a particular standard.

If a student is absent, or has made prior arrangements with Mr. Plimpton, they will receive a "missing" mark as their score until received, which will then change to a green checkmark for collected.

Scores will be updated weekly. If an assignment is more than one week late, scores of 0 (zero) will be entered as a placemarker until the asignment is turned in. Students will have the entire semester to turn in late work.


Be well!

Dan Plimpton