Team Information

The Comet Philosophy
Our first priority is to have our players become self-confident so they can succeed on and off the playing surface.  Our job is to teach the game of hockey and prepare them for the challenges they may face outside of any athletic competition.  They will leave with a sense of pride and accomplishment.  Through the game of hockey, your daughter will learn about self-discipline, teamwork, perseverance, and setting goals.  All of these skills are much needed life skills.

To Believe:
We try to foster a belief system in our program that will not only help our team, but also help all our players in the game of life.  First of all a player must believe in themselves.  Little success will follow a player that does not have the belief that they are a good player.  They must also have the inner confidence to succeed in the classroom and the work place.  It is difficult for others to believe in a person if that person does not believe in himself or herself.  Second a person must believe in their teammates.  If we are to have success in our program our players must have the confidence in each other.  The confidence to pass to a teammate either the puck or a compliment is crucial to the unification of a team.  Once again this ability to trust colleagues in the real world will foster a more comfortable working environment.  The third belief is that the players must believe in their coach.  They must trust that the coach is doing what is best for them and the team.  Translating that to trusting parents and teachers and future employers are going to do what is best for them, their family, their class or company.

Working Together:
We attempt to foster a sense of togetherness in building the team into a family type atmosphere.  It is our belief that if we can get our teams to create this attitude of working together, then the team will be better than the sum of its parts.  It is also our goal to be the hardest working team in the state.  We take pride in our work ethic and can hopefully establish these habits into a lifelong strength for our players.

Giving Back:
We remind our players that they are very fortunate to be in this program.  The mere fact that they are healthy enough to participate is a blessing they should be thankful for.  As we talk about how fortunate we are, we talk about being able to give to others.  It is with this in mind that we encourage our athletes to give back to our community. Hopefully these experiences will encourage our athletes to continue to give of themselves after leaving our school.  All the players are strongly encouraged to assist the younger teams in the St. Albans Skating Association.  


Coach Luke Cioffi
    Coaching the Comets since the inaugural 2000-2001 season.  Also coached for the St. Albans Skating Association since 1992.

Coach Jeff Rouleau
    Along with Coach Cioffi as the original coaches of the Comet hockey program.  Jeff is actively involved with the St. Albans Skating Association overseeing the girls program.

Coach Kristin Viens

Coach Caitlin Manahan

Coach Tyler Pearl



Where We Practice - Collins Perley Sports Complex