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Signing Up

2016-17 Year
Please come to the Codesmyths Kick-off Event on
 Thursday, September 29 at 8:15 in the Library.  
The information on how to apply to Codesmyths will be presented then.

Applications are due one week later — Thursday, October 6th.  

Any applications received on Friday or later will not be considered.

2016-17 Procedure

Who gets to take the course?

Codesmyths is for students in grades 4-8.  We aim to have an even mix of girls and boys in each new class.  We are accepting 10-12 new students this year.  The students are selected based on their application submission – those who take their time completing his/her application and present his/her best work are more likely to get accepted.  So use your best writing on the application — correct spelling and punctuation, and complete sentences and paragraphs.  Quality, creative, clear writing describing your passion for learning will significantly improve your chances of getting accepted!

When can I sign up?
Applications will start being accepted immediately after the Codesmyths Kick-off Event.

How do
I apply to take the course?
To start off with, show up at the Codesmyths Kick-off Event on Thursday, September 29 (it starts at 8:15, in the Library).  There you will learn all about what students do in Codesmyths.  Just to be clear, Codesmyths is not about playing video games, it's about learning to make them.  Students do get to spend some time playing the games they make, but making them takes a lot of time, reading, thought, and effort to create a playable game.

The actual application for this school year (2016-17) will be online; see below for instructions on filling out the application.

Codesmyths Application Instructions

There are two parts to the application.

First, you need to log into your school email account, then click on this Codesmyths Application 
link and fill it out.  Again, use your best writing when answering the questions.  Quality, creative, clear writing will significantly improve your chances of getting accepted!  Tell us about what you love to do and learn about!

Second, pay close attention to the last two questions.  You need to supply the names of two teachers whom you are going to ask to give you a recommendation. Pick teachers that know you well, and can help you understand if you can handle the extra work attending Codesmyths will require (being in Codesmyths means you will be missing other classes, and you have to keep up with anything you miss in those classes, or you can't keep coming to Codesmyths).

These teachers do not have to be from your current team, you can ask teachers outside of your team to recommend you as well.  Unfortunately, Ms. Bertucci, Ms. Tagliamonte, and Mr. Roland cannot fill out these recommendation sheets for you, as we are teaching the course and will be selecting the final students. We can, however, answer any questions you might have.

Send us an email at: