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Stencyl Tips and Tricks
Check out Stencyl Sample Games for Kits and Code
When editing a background, tileset, characters, usually your:
SCREEN SIZE is 640 x 480 pixels
TILE SIZE is 32 x 32 pixels
CHARACTERS are between 30 x 30 and 150 x 150 pixels. Noni from Crash Course 1 is 128 x 128 pixels

IMPORTANT: When you search for a background on Creative Commons, find one that is bigger than 640 x 480, then when you "Choose Image" in Stencyl (when adding a background), make sure to select 2x or 3x otherwise, your image won't fit your screen.

Pencyl & GIMP Tips and Tricks
You might need to install Pencyl if you've never used it before. It opens when you click on edit image. It looks like a Java icon.
Helpful tools:
Magic Wand will select around the outside of your image.
Image menu allows you to crop or flip your image. This is where you can check the image size.
Filter menu allows you to change how the image looks with a filter.

You can create your own images, backgrounds and characters in GIMP. Just make sure the size is correct for your game, see above. GIMP is on the Codesmyths laptops. It looks like a cat with a paintbrush. When you finish working with an image, make sure to save as a PNG instead of a XCF file.

Freesound & Audacity Tips and Tricks
Sound: Free Sound- use login: codesmythsdev and codesmyths password: (here is a hint if you've forgotten it: you don't.....)

To edit your sound to the correct length, you can use Audacity on the Codesmyths laptops. It looks like a pair of headphones. When working in Audacity, make sure that you save your finished sound as both a MP3 and OGG. When you import a sound into to Stencyl, it needs both sound file types to work correctly. See the screen capture below.

General Programming Resources
Sound:  Free Sound- use login:  codesmythsdev and codesmyths password: (here is a hint if you've forgotten it: you don't.....)

Creative Commons Search: Use this link to find images, music, and media that is legal to use in your game.

Creative Commons Tileset for Tileset Class. See this Tileset in action!

Grow a Game
  1. Open and make a copy.  
  2. Add your name or initials to the title.
  3. Put it in your Codesmyths folder in Google Drive.
                            Grow a Game Doc

Project Resources
Arduino Resources
Stencyl Resources

Blogging Questions: Use this link if you're having trouble writing your blog posts.

Abigayl's Tutorials :  this is a link to her first tutorial. Just search Abigayl's tutorials to find more.

Abigayl's Tutorials in Google Drive--Downloadable Flash (.swf) versions of each tutorial.  They may be easier to use here, and you have the advantage of being able to view them full screen.

Thinking Resources

Bubbl.us: This is an online brainstorming tool that allows you to create web or flowcharts.