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  • Be on time, bring a positive attitude, and be ready to learn.
  • Codesmyths is a privilege. If you are not meeting expectation in any class (including specials and Codesmyths), you may be asked to take a break from Codesmyths.
  • To be able to attend Codesmyths, your classwork and homework has to be up-to-date. If you are behind in classwork or homework you will be asked to stay in your community and not attend Codesmyths.
  • Be prepared and aware of what you are currently working on.
  • Your first priority is your regular school classes.  YOU are responsible for getting work you missed while attending Codesmyths and doing it on your own time. 
  • You are expected to check your email DAILY.
  • If you want to meet with an instructor, you NEED to set up a time.  Send us an email at codesmyths@fcsuvt.org. You may also try to stop by during the day BUT please do NOT interrupt us if we are teaching a class.
  • If you have lunch before or after class, your laptop can be temporarily stored in the Tech Ed room.  DO NOT bring your computer to the lunch room.
  • Help your fellow Codesmythies! Remind each other about attending class or office hours. Help each other out when learning how to code or de-bug a program.

Commonly Asked Questions:

1) What do I do if I miss a class?

We expect you will tell us ahead of time (either by email or personally), but if you are sick we understand, just let us know when you get back to school. Please check in with your classmates and find out what you missed. If you have two UNEXCUSED absences, your are required to meet with at least one of us to discuss a plan of action so that you can be successful in Codesmyths.

2) I have lunch during Codesmyths, what do I do?

If you have lunch during class or office hours, please

  1. drop off your laptop first (DO NOT bring it to the lunch room),
  2. check in with the instructor, and
  3. go get your lunch and bring it back to the classroom.

You will need to eat your lunch before you starting using your computer. You will need to clean up your space and hands after you eat to minimize allergies and keep our computer areas clean.

3) What do I need to bring?

  • A good attitude, a willingness to try new things and work with your peers. A curiosity and the desire to learn go a long way in Codesmyths!

  • Your laptop, fully charged.

4) What if my favorite class (like art or reading) is during Codesmyths?
Participating in Codesmyths is a commitment that you make for the whole school year. From the beginning, you need to decide if you want to participate in Codesmyths or the other class, and then stick with that decision. You must communicate with us by email or in person what your decision is.

5) What should I do if participating in Codesmyths and keeping up with my school work gets too overwhelming?

Send an email to set up a time to talk to with us. We want to figure out how we can work with you and also recognize that sometimes hard choices have to be made, BUT there are always more opportunities for those willing to work hard and seek them out.

6) What is the best way to get in touch with the Instructors?

You can e-mail codesmyths@fcsuvt.org if you have a question or request for any of us.

OR our personal emails are :

Ms. Tagliamonte tagliamontea@fcsuvt.org

Mr. Roland: wilhelmr@fcsuvt.org

Ms. Bertucci bertuccie@fcsuvt.org

7) Is there anywhere I can go for extra resources or to review a class I missed or need extra help with?

Ahh, glad you asked!  We will be continuously updating the Codesmyths website (www.codesmyths.org) with blogged class descriptions, resources and other exciting information!!