Welcome to the Codesmyths 2014 Games website. This site contains the games which the students have spent most of the year designing, creating, testing, debugging, and enhancing.

You can find the students games to your left or you may click on their image below and it will take you to the same place.  On those pages you will find a description of the game and the game itself. For those of you who don't know what Codesmyths is, it is a class for creative people who want to program computers, tablets, and smartphones. There is a lot of problem solving and thinking involved in the development of the games created in this class. So we hope you enjoy playing our games!

Important Note:  In order to view the games on the following pages, you will have to enable "mixed mode content."  Once you are on a student's page, do the following:
  • Firefox:  click on the shield icon on the far left side of the address field, click on the drop-down arrow at the bottom right, click on "Disable Protection on This Page".
  • Google Chrome:  click on the shield icon on the far right side of the address field, then click on "Load unsafe script".
  • Internet Explorer:  a box appears at the bottom on the screen, on the right side click on "Show all content".
Google, where Codesmyths is hosted, is an encrypted site (https); and Stencyl, where the games are hosted, is not (just http).  The latest updates of most browsers will by default block non-encrypted content in a secure page.   (instructions above are for current browser versions as of 6/2/2014)




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