2014-15 Academy Athletics

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The Bellows Free Academy Athletic Department strives to provide an athletic program of excellence for all its students.  We believe that there are certain values that are important in any educational program and that these values can be well taught in an athletic program. Among these values are dedication to excellence, hard work, self-discipline, team effort, and self control.
We believe that participation in athletics is a privilege that is accorded any student who is willing to adhere to the standards and rules of an athletic team.  We believe that studies come first and that the values and attitudes learned in athletics contribute to the complete education of the individual. Moral, emotional and social development are particularly important contributions of athletics, and it is to these ends that athletics must direct a great part of their efforts. It is also recognized that the positive value of athletics is directly related to the quality of leadership. The personal example of everyone connected with our program will do much to assure its success.

Connor J. Roberts
"You'll forget the plays, the shots, and the scores, but you'll never forget your teammates."

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