Increased Educational Opportunities

While the larger cohort is split across a number of schools, it still means the availability of more educators with specialized skills. Special educators with special skills, for instance, could work part of the time in Fairfield and part of the time in City or Town. The same would be true of potential expanded opportunities in languages and other enrichment opportunities. For educators, it could enhance their ability to share best practices with their colleagues in neighboring towns. This provides a source for professional growth among all educators, as they learn from one another, and greater equity of experience for students.

School Choice

Fairfield students who are currently in eighth grade would have school choice as it currently exists and would be able to continue at their chosen school through graduation. Current seventh grade students would attend BFA St. Albans High School unless they participate in statewide school choice as defined in Act 129. 

Total outgoing school choice slots available from BFA St. Albans High School is no less than 20 by Act 129, though the new unified board can choose to increase this limit. Currently only two of those outgoing slots are accessed. It should be possible, therefore, for Fairfield students to easily access slots if they wish, since fewer than 22% of Fairfield students choose not to attend BFA St. Albans High School. The limiting factor will be other high schools’ availability of slots to accept incoming school choice students under Act 129. See Also FAQ

Staff Sharing may Create more Full Time Jobs
One the districts are unified, the new Board can take a close look at where there are opportunities to provide full time employment and provide expanded student learning opportunities. An example may be offering Spanish in the elementary schools, expanding earth science, or adding any specialized course across the schools that may not otherwise be feasible to hire a fulltime professional for. 

Sharing staff could also provide more stable employment for our employees as student numbers decline. Administration would always be looking at the big picture and what is best for all students.