Welcome to Team Odyssey
"Failing is not losing; it's gaining and learning from your mistakes."
Devin DeMarse (Class of 2017)

"You don't have to be the best to start out with, but you can be great at getting better"
Mya Stanislas (Class of 2017)

"If you think you're going to fail, then you increase your chances of failing. 
If you think you will persevere, then you will. You choose how you think."
Gabbi Metz (Class of 2017)

Team Odyssey

 A freshman team focused on individual growth and personalized learning.
Our focus is on
student-driven learning
customized learning pathways demonstration of learning outcomes project-based learning,
critical thinking
decision making.
Team Objectives:


  • Justin Bedell -Social Studies
  • Jodi Perrin - English
  • Laurie Plante - Learning Ctr
  • Jeff Rouleau - Science