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Food for Health I & II

                  Healthy, vibrant, global flavors!

Room E-406 is the home of Food for Health I & II and Exploring International Cuisine.  Between this room and our Kitchen Lab across the hall, you will have the opportunity to learn about food safety and nutrition, experiment with unusual fruits and vegetables, practice cooking skills and techniques, and cook and taste food from other cultures. 

Here's the class calendar to keep us all on track!

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Mrs. Patty Bettinger

After 15 years working as a pastry chef and chef, I found my way to teaching.  I love what I do and look forward to having you in my classes.  Be prepared to use your head, hands and heart as we explore the world of food. 

Why your participation matters:

In our class there is no such thing as sitting quietly in the back of the classroom.  This is a hands-on course whether we are working in the classroom or in the Kitchen Lab.  Just like most anything we do in life, you will get more out of this semester the more you put into it.  

Some helpful tips:

  • Respect yourself and those around you.
  • Be present and attend class.
  • Listen carefully to all instructions.
  • Take responsibility for yourself.
  • Arrive in class on time and be ready to participate.
  • Use class time wisely.
  • Adopt the "clean as you go" method of cooking.
  • Respect kitchen equipment and food.
  • Wear an apron.
  • Wash your hands more than you think is necessary.