Wow 2017-2018 has got to be the fastest year yet.  It was a very different year for me; but a good one.  I learned a lot about myself through reflection and hope to implement the observations into my teaching practice next year.   I hope you learned some Spanish and have many opportunities to speak.  HASTA LUEGO!!!!  These are my plans:

I have two possible courses of action.  I have always wanted to travel.  I have an opportunity to go to England and France this summer and help teach a Bible class with my Pastor.  That would fulfill a lifelong dream.  However, I have some unfinished business when it comes to being at total peace with my life that I would like to deal with this summer as well.  I want to return to my hometown of Logan, West Virginia and revisit some places and people that I may never see again.  I want to visit my mother, father, brother, uncles and all my grandparents' graves and leave them flowers.  I want to visit my 92 year old aunt in Cleveland, Ohio.  She is the last of all my mother's siblings and my last aunt.    I want to go to the Smoot Reunion in Madison, West Virginia on my father's side and the Hopkins Reunion in Thomasville, Georgia on my mother's side.  

Hopefully, London and Paris will always be there, but what is left of my family and friends will not, so I am leaning toward taking the personal journey.

Blessings and Peace to all of you students.  I look forward to being with you next year!

Diana Smoot




      TO BE EXCELLENT WITHOUT                            EXCUSE!!


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Introduction to Spanish
Spanish 1 (High School Credit)

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