Lora Robertson

 Contact information:

Email - lorobertson@fcsdchromebooks.us
Phone - 803.635.4270 ext 20307

 Subjects Taught:

7th STEM  Honors English
8th STEM Honors English
7th Advanced English
7th Regular ELA

 Available Tutoring Times:

3:20-4:20 Tuesdays or by appointment

Planning Hours:

        8:48-9:38 (3rd Period)
        2:12-3:20  (8th Period)

VSTC University of Georgia ; Furman University; Florida State University; The Citadel; Columbia College; College of Charleston; University of Colorado; University of South Carolina; The College William and Mary; Memphis State; Clemson University; Ludwig-Maximillians- Universitat Muchen;

Military Training: USAR (1981-) Enlisted and Officer Corps