What We Do

Although Frederick County Public Schools is an outstanding school division, there are many issues that educators cannot address alone.  By helping coordinate partnerships between Frederick County Public Schools, businesses, human service agencies, faith-based organizations, parent groups and others, Bright Futures-Frederick County helps allow students and teachers to focus on achieving success, reaching their full potential and strengthening our community.  

Over the past several years, Frederick County Public Schools has noticed an increasing number of challenges facing students and their families.  These challenges include: 

  • Increased poverty rate
  • More students in need of positive mentors
  • More homeless students
  • More families under stress
  • More volunteers needed in schools

Engaging the community to help address these issues and others is what Bright Futures is all about. It is likely that the resources many students and families need already exist in our community.  The solution is identifying and connecting these resources with students, families and schools.  Bright Futures helps to make the connection by working in collaboration with schools to identify specific needs and then addressing the needs in a meaningful and efficient way.