How Can I Help?

Bright Futures operates under the belief that when communities invest their time, talent, and treasure in their schools, students are more likely to achieve at high levels, stay in school through graduation, have a higher degree of self-worth and confidence, and set and reach goals for the future.  In turn, these students grow up to be better neighbors, quality employees and impactful leaders in their communities. 

If everyone in the Winchester-Frederick County Community gave a little time, a little talent or a little treasure, it would make a big difference for students, schools and our community.  As a grass roots, community-based program, Bright Futures is creating partnerships and utilizing resources with a goal of opening pathways for students to learn, lead and serve to their full potential now and in the future. 

Below are some ways the gifts of time, talent and treasure can help students and their schools. 


  • mentoring 
  • career exploration presentations
  • job shadowing
  • academic tutoring
  • elementary reading buddy
  • school beautification projects
  • organizing fundraising events
  • organize school supply drives
  • sponsoring/running events
  • volunteer in school office, library, cafeteria
  • assisting families with transportation issues


  • assisting with career fairs 
  • providing internships 
  • share special skills/talents with students 
  • event judging (spelling bees, science fairs, music, class projects) 
  • knitting stocking caps, scarves, mittens for needy students 
  • family mentoring/parenting assistance 
  • provide service learning opportunities


  •   donating funds to cover various school fees for students
  •   providing clothing, shoes, school items for needy students
  •   providing gift certificates/other items to recognize successful students/staff
  •   provide books for children
  •   donate musical instruments
  •   donate prom dresses, suits and accessories
  •   provide snacks for after school activities

Another way to assist Bright Futures-Frederick/Winchester is by volunteering to serve on a Bright Futures School Site Council.  The goal is to have a Site Council partner with each school to build communication, collaboration, and partnerships between the school and the community.  

To learn more about how individuals, businesses and other organizations can assist Bright Futures-Frederick/Winchester, please contact Bright Futures-Frederick/Winchester Coordinator Nancy Mango ( or FCPS Director of Student Support Services Teresa Ritenour (ritenout@fcpsk12.netat 540-662-3888.