Welcome to the FCPS BYOD Information Site

FCPS is dedicated to assist students and staff in creating a digital learning environment. To support this process, students and staff are now able to use their own devices during the school day with appropriate approval. In preparing college and career ready students of today and in the future, FCPS recognizes that students need multiple means of accessing and generating resources that are aligned to learning content. In addition, students need to develop and refine skills in the areas of: digital citizenship, critical thinking, creative problem solving and communication.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to school is one tool that FCPS uses to reach all students allowing them greater access to exceptional teaching and learning. By creating learning environments that allow students and staff to acquire information in real-time and creatively express what they have learned in a variety of ways, we challenge them to use content knowledge to solve real world problems. Using the tools of today, we prepare each child by helping them to realize their potential for success as a global citizen. 

Goals of FCPS’ Bring Your Own Device:
- Improve student learning by seamlessly integrating the use of technology in schools
- Expand learning beyond the classroom
- Promote greater collaboration and feedback with students, staff and families
- Promote the use of a variety of technology tools and cloud based applications to analyze data and solve problems
- Teach Digital Citizenship through the appropriate, responsible use of technology