Teacher Tips

Q: How do I use the Classes created in Teacher Dashboard directly in Google?
A: Teacher Dashboard automatically creates email groups that you can use for sharing in the Google Drive or in Gmail.  Unfortunately, theses don't have nice names and instead use a class ID number.  To find the email address for your class do the following:
1) Login to Teacher Dashboard: Teacher Dashboard
2) Open up the class
3) Cick on Class Info
4) Scroll down and under Class Resource you will see the Class Email which will look something like this 0000000-1314@fchs77.org
5) Copy that address and use it in gmail anywhere you want. and can save it in your Google contacts with an appropriate name.

Q:How do I create a google contact?
A: Open up Gmail, Click on Contacts in the black bar at the top of the screen.  Click "New Contact", Add Name, and Add Email address.

Q: Can I edit a PDF document once it's scanned?
A: You can upload the document onto google drive and convert it to a google document.  This will do it's best to convert the document to text, but you will lose lots of formatting with it.  You can open the document on your teacher PC using Adobe Acrobat.  From here you can use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to edit text.  Finally you can upload the document into Teacher Ease.  This will not make the document editable, however students will be able to create Text Boxes over the top of the document to fill in a work sheet for example.

Q:How to convert a microsoft file to a google doc once its already been uploaded. 
A: If you click the checkbox of the document and then go up to "more" hit open with google docs and it will automatically create a version that is google doc. Works much faster than going back and re-uploading with conversion on. Thought I would share in case others had files that hadn't been converted in their drive.