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This resource is here to serve you during and after school hours.  I hope that you will have the opportunity to locate whatever it is you seek.

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Welcome Back!

We have a lot of new resources and capabilties for your new Personalized Learning devices included e-books, digital audiobooks and PlayAways.  We have even updated our research databases.  Check out the new databases by clicking the links.  Email Ms. Legagneur for the password if you are off campus.

Now in the Library, a new Manga series, Attack on Titan. Currently circulating vol 1-8. Come check it out!
Cover photo, Barnes and Noble

May is National Bike Month.  You can listen to one of the new audiobooks available from our school library.  See Ms. L. for more details. 

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    E-books Now Available!
We are now open 24/7. Check out our selection of e-books! There's something for everyone.  Just log in to the the library catalog using your normal school log in information.

Teachers click here for professional development titles.  Read on your own or as a group with our unlimited, simultaneous access. Read a whole book or just a relevant chapter.  

After the link opens, click "Proceed" and then "View All" to see all of the titles we have so far.

Book Madness voting starts March 24, brackets due March 23.  Give it a try. 
Maybe you will win big in March! Click the Book Madness link for more details.

Book Madness 2014

NEW and coming titles at GM

It's cold outside, warm up with a GOOD READ.

Take a look at this link to the 2014 Book Award winners.

I hope you enjoyed the "in Context" series!

Check out our trial databases. Let me know what you think.

 http://www.galetrials.com/products.aspx?pid=2673&marketID=1&trialID=67893&contactID=106196  http://ic.galegroup.com/ic/scic/home?u=k12_science&p=SCIC

Fall is in the Air!

Welcome!  I hope that you enjoyed your summer break.  We look forward to working together with you during the upcoming school year.  One of the new services that will be providing is a scheduling option.  If you need help working on research, academic or personal, you can schedule a specific block of time to have 1:1 assistance. Of course your questions are always welcome.  However, the scheduling option may allow me to prepare ahead of your time.  It may also eliminate the need to wait in line.

I hope that it will make our work time more productive.

Let's find out together.  Schedule your session now.

Library Card Sign-up Month

September is National Library Card Sign-up Month.  If you are new to the area and need a PUBLIC library card, stop by the library to fill out an application. You will gain access to free music, magazine downloads and more!  We can take care of everything right here at school.

Compelling Note from your library book

From the Desk of Your Library Book…

Dear Student,

We have had some great times together, but I want to go back home, to the GMHS library.  I know you are going to have a great summer doing a lot of fun stuff.  Please don’t leave me here alone.  I would be glad to grace the library shelf again with my friends (even if I have been at your house for years). 

Please return me…


Your library books  


March Madness for Literary Fans!  Create your own bracket now by going to Book Madness.  It will be easier to read if you click the link and go to the web site.  I hope to post my bracket before Monday, March 25, which is the deadline.  Wish me luck!

Book Madness Bracket

Mustangs, welcome Aimee Agresti! Sign-up in the library to attend.

Please take a minute to take our E-book survey by clicking here.
 November 2012
Come check out our new titles.  You might be this happy to see the latest installment of
your favorite series.

October 2012


Reading gives you SUPER POWERS!



October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Encourage someone you love or care about to participate in the appropriate screenings.


For more information see:





September 30 – October 6

Banned Books, GMHS Library


Come to the library to examine some of the books that have been banned or challenged over the years.  Pause and reflect on the reasons some of the books were targeted.  Have any of your favorite books been held under fire?

October 1

Book Club Meeting


The Book club held its first meeting of the school year and selected the first two books for discussion.


Please sign up in Schoology if you haven’t already done so.  See Mrs. Legagneur for the access code.


NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 14 – 20

Teen Read Week


Celebrate Teen Read week by taking a moment to read something new every day.


Wouldn’t it be cool if everyone at GMHS could read at the exact same time?!



Past News/Events

September 2012


22-23 National Book Festival


Celebrate the Book on the National Mall. Presentations and signings by some of your favorite authors, including, but not limited to: R.L. Stine, Bob Blaban, Walter Dean Myers, Mike Lupica, Lois Lowry and more.

24-28 Library Card Drive


If you are new to the area, or have not gotten one already, come get a library card for your public library. Come to the library, fill out an application and you can receive your card right at school. Bring the resources of Mary Riley Styles Public Library to your finger tips. See Mrs. Legagneur for more information. 



Oct 1  Book Club Meeting, 3:00 Library


Organizational meeting. Come meet some new and old friends and select a book to read and discuss.


First Meeting Agenda

Select Book

Meeting Day

Discussion Leaders

Schoology code: V6NV5-22W8M