School at a Glance

Learning Through Play

The F. B. Meekins curriculum is an open ended, discovery based program in which children learn through play. Our goals a
re to
encourage discovery, exploration, problem solving, communication 
and socialization. Children develop an ability to work together, plan and make positive use of their time. Through play, children test ideas and experiment with the world around them. They discover cause and effect, and develop language and social skills. They develop a sense of competence as well as control over themselves and their environment. The teachers’ role at Meekins is to support and encourage children as they grow. Teachers provide a hands-on, developmentally appropriate, theme-based program in order to allow each child to grow as an individual—socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

Science and math are running themes in the preschool day. Cooking projects and sensory experiences contribute to sensory motor, perceptual and cognitive development.  All classes participate in cooking/baking.  The Greens ClassBlues Class, and Reds Class cook or prepare their snack at least once a week. Various classroom "pets" are a source of pride and enjoyment while fostering a respect for living things. There have been mealworms, butterflies, and baby chicks to take care of and learn the life cycle.

Field Trips

The Meekins preschool program is enriched through planned field trips that are a vital component of the preschooler's experience. The Greens ClassBlues Class, and Reds Class go on field trips. Field trips increase a child's interest in his community, and greatly add to his imagination, vocabulary and overall learning. Field trips open up the world to your child. Children learn that there are adults who do all sorts of important jobs. They learn that there are other adults besides their parents and teachers who truly care about their well being and educational experiences. They see other adults who truly enjoy being with them. Experiences are then integrated into classroom themes so that children can explore and experiment with the things they have seen and done. The use of props and materials in the classroom enhance the dramatic play through which they learn to apply new concepts. Adults engage children in discussions about the people they have met and the service they provide to the community. Field trips are not only those in which the children travel, they also involve in-house visitors, events and special displays.

Music Enrichment

Once a week, each class is visited by our music specialist who brings the world of music and movement to your preschooler. The class allows your child to enjoy and explore at his/her own pace and interest. Music/movement can be easily enjoyed by the observer or the participant. Each child brings his/her own experiences to the class and takes what is important and meaningful from the particular session.

Art Appreciation

One to two times a month, our art education teacher visits the Blues Class and Reds Class classes. Each month, the children are exposed to a different artist and a different genre. The genres that the children are exposed to are: portrait, self-portrait, still life, photography, sculpture and landscape. After the introductory lesson, the children dabble with different media using the artist and genre as a frame of reference. The culminating activity is a guided and hands-on tour of the Kreeger Museum in Washington, D.C. In addition, art is practiced daily in each of the classes as the children paint, draw and sculpt; cut, paste and assemble; and often find new and imaginative ways to express themselves through their creations.


Weekly themes are at the center of our curriculum. Following are some of the themes that we use at Meekins. The list changes according to the interests of the children.

Family and friends
Transportation – trains, jets, cars, trucks, space vehicles

Veterinarian’s office
Pet shop
Repair shop
Post office
Grocery store – healthy foods
Gas station
Olden days (Colonial times)
Community helpers – fire station, police
Health and safetyNutrition
Ocean life
Farm and farm market
Nature center – insects and butterflies
Paleontologists’ research lab
Puppet theater
Folk tales
Garden center, flower shop
Animals in winter
Wood working
Hair salon
Physical fitness
Holiday themes from different cultures represented in our school and the surrounding community

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