Our Philosophy

Our educational philosophy is based upon the following concepts:

  • Individual Acceptance: A child needs to be accepted as he is.  Each child is helped to develop his own capacities at his own rate of progress.
  • Child-Orientated Environment: A child needs to find herself in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where she can explore, share, play, and communicate with o
  • ther childrenher own age.
  • Freedom Within Limits: A child needs to know that there are limits beyond which he cannot go.  He needs freedom in play.  His imagination and curiosity need room to wander.  But he also needs order and structure in his day.
  • School Experience:  A child needs to feel that school is a happy experience and that the teacher is a trusted friend.
  • Acceptance of Cultural Diversity: Children of all races, religions, cultures, and family backgrounds are positive self-images and teach the value of diversity.
The teachers proceed upon the basis of these ideas as they present activities and experiences to the children that specifically aim for the independence of the child, a positive self-image, an ability to share and take turns, the acquisition of social and communication skills, the promotion of cognitive learning, practice in gross motor activities, and an opportunity for creativity.  Activities that provide an environment conducive to the realization of these goals include outdoor play, sand and water play, music, cooking, dramatic play, language, literature, manipulative experiences, table games, math, science, body movement, woodworking, field trips, and block play.