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Mrs. Blocksom (Greens)

My family and I joined Meekins in 2006 when my oldest son was two years old, and it was the best decision we could have made. Not only is it a positive, nurturing place for children to develop new skills and make their first friends, it is a place for parents to bond and form friendships as well. My new friends and I formed a book club, did crafts and even exercised together! Thanks to the relationships I developed with other parents, even after my boys finished I never really left Meekins.

I’ve continued ‘co-op-ing’ as my boys matriculated into FCPS by volunteering weekly in their classrooms. My jobs there increasingly have been in teaching roles where I work one-on-one with children who need extra help or attention. My own sons have special needs, and while learning to work with them from books and professionals we’ve enlisted along the way, I’ve gained great insight and perspective on brain development, nutrition, and physical and cognitive development in young children. I try to bring this knowledge into the classroom, facilitating play that meets the needs of all sorts of learners.

I enjoy working with all kinds of people in every day situations. After earning my bachelors degree at Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations, I began working as a human resource professional and later a technical recruiter in Corporate America. After about five years in the workforce, I began studying Early Childhood Education at Johns Hopkins. My oldest son was born during that time, and my focus turned to raising him until my youngest was born and then I had two. And what an education that has been!

What I love most about the Meekins play-based approach to learning is that it honors children’s wisdom, individuality, and intrinsic thirst for new experiences. I love being on a team with my co-teachers and Meekins families who all believe in fostering our children’s natural curiosity. Children inspire me. My goal every day is to find out what makes each one of my students excited to come to Meekins.

Mrs. Blocksom is the teacher for the Greens Class