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Mrs. Erdman (Blues)

When we were looking for a preschool for my son Aaron, Meekins quickly became our top choice. I loved that play was the central focus and that they got the kids outside as much as possible. I'd never been involved in a co-op before so the chance for my husband and I to both be involved in the school was a welcome adventure. As he progressed through Meekins I secretly hoped I would have a chance to work here because it is such a great environment for educators as well as students!

My background is in museum education and early childhood education. I've worked with museums on how to more effectively bring in young children and helped educators look at how they can use museum resources in their classrooms. I lead workshops and contribute to professional journals as a way to continue learning and exploring. I earned a MAT in Museum Education at The George Washington University and am working on my AAS in Early Childhood Development through Northern Virginia Community College.

I love the curiosity that young children bring to their day and seeing how they take that and turn it into exploration and play. 

Mrs. Erdman teaches the Blues Class.