Our Teachers

All of our Teachers have been parents at FB Meekins Preschool.  They understand the experience of a co-operative preschool from the parents perspective. Usually they were drawn to Meekins because they were once teachers and wanted to be involved in their own children's education.  Please learn more about them by clicking on their links below.

The Yellows Class will have Mrs. Schulenberg (Yellows) teaching the class with our experienced Teacher's Aide Mrs. Buxton (Yellows/Greens Aide) assisting.

The Greens Class has Mrs. Blocksom (Greens) teaching the class and again Mrs. Buxton (Yellows/Greens Aide) is our experienced Teacher's Aide.

The Blues Class is taught by Mrs. Erdman (Blues).  One day a week Mrs. Hamal (Blues/Reds Aide) assists in the Blues classroom. Mrs. Hamal oversees all the cooking/baking activities in the Blues and Reds classrooms. 

The Reds Class is taught by our Director, Ms. Bloch (Director and Reds).  Mrs. Hamal (Blues/Reds Aide) assists the Reds classroom two days a week.

Mrs. McDonald (Hallway Aide) assists all the teachers and manages the hallway between the classrooms.

Our music teacher is Miss Stephanie (Music Teacher).