About The Teacher

About the Teacher

I went to college on a track/cross country scholarship and earned a B.S. in Earth Science from Lamar University. After spending several years teaching/coaching at Lamar University I moved on working at the YMCA as a program sports director. I continued spending several more years in management until I decided to return to education in January 2009. I started teaching/coaching high school science at Somerville ISD. This will be my tenth year at Fayetteville ISD. My wife of 22 years is a graduate of Fayetteville. We have a daughter who graduated in 2019 and a son who is in 4th grade here at Fayetteville. I earned my master's degree in education technology leadership with the principal certification in August 2019. I enjoy playing/watching sports, running, fishing, and spending time with my family.

School Mission

Fayetteville ISD will provide a safe, secure, and caring learning environment centered around local family values, as we prepare future leaders in an engaging and innovative educational environment.