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Mrs. Burkholder

Title Reading Teacher


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What is Title 1?


Title 1 is the United States’ largest federal aid program for elementary, middle, and high schools. Through Title 1, the federal government gives money to school districts based on the number of students from low-income families. Each district uses its Title 1 money for extra educational services that help students achieve at high levels and meet the local and state standards.


What is a School-Wide Program?


Federal and state guidelines state that schools with more than 40 percent of all students from low-income families can establish a school-wide program. The purpose of a school-wide program is to improve student achievement throughout the entire school. School districts assess whole-school needs and design their own plans to help students meet the achievement standards set by the state of Ohio. Title 1 programs at each school vary, depending on the needs of the school. Every child will benefit from the added services and programs that a school-wide Title 1 program can offer. A school-wide program helps a school do more for all of its students.