Welcome to our homepage!      Prepare the person not the path.  When you find your WHY...You WILL find your will and way!

Here is our Warrior Team Newsletter - many thanks to Ms. Kutchan for putting the newsletter together.

Due to the cold weather this week - the Raven Run field trip is being postponed to the Spring.  Students who paid for trip - the funds are being held on a school account for the Spring trip. 

Contact Information  (Click on the teacher's name to send them an email)

Stephen Gerken: Social Studies Teacher - Team Leader  /Teacher Site

Kim Kutchan: Writing Teacher  / Teacher Site

Megan Vogel: Mathematics Teacher

James Jack: Science Teacher / Teacher Site

Robin Timmons: Language Arts Teacher/ Teacher Site

Alex Hendrix: Special Education Teacher

Danielle Weaver : Special Education Teacher

Sharon Hendershot : Special Education Teacher

Valerie Morrison: 8th Grade Counselor

For any questions, comments, or concerns -  please contact the teacher first.

If you'd like to schedule a conference, please contact Mr. Gerken via email.