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Owl Mail and Talk (Students Only)

Quick Facts: 

  • You have 25 GB of space for email.
  • You now keep your email when you leave the university, and alumni may also get an account.
  • You will retain your current email address (faunetid@fau.edu) but we will forward all mail to the new Google account: faunetid@my.fau.edu. Mail sent to either @fau.edu or to @my.fau.edu will go to the Google mailbox. 
  • You can attach one or more files to an e-mail message. The size limit on attachments is 20 MB. 
  • You can drag and drop files to your email messages.
  • You can send and receive instant chat messages right in your Owl Mail window.
  • Additional FAQs can be found here: http://www.fau.edu/google/FAQs.

Google Talk:

  • Google talk is a free and simple way to connect with all of your contacts using IM or PC to PC voice and video calls. You are also able to exchange files with your contacts. There is no file size restrictions. 
  • Chat from within your Gmail page with one or multiple contacts. 
  • Your Google Talk contact list displays your most used contacts, which is integrated into Gmail.
  • With Talk build right into Gmail, you can see who is online and you can communicate in real time. Chat conversations can be saved and are searchable, just like email. 
  • Most mobile devices have a Google Talk application that is downloadable through the marketplace.